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now they live half In the United States and half In
western CanadaóMontana and Alberta* The
four former bands of the one big tribe of powerful
Blackfeet are now erroneously known by the white
man as four different tribes. They are the Blood"
Indians, living at Cardston, Alberta; the South
Plegans (American Blackfeet), at Browning and
Glacier Park, Montana; the North Piegans, at
Brockett, Alberta; and the Blackfeet, at Glei-
chen. Alberta. Their most deadly enemies were
the Sioux, the Crees? Asslnibolnes,, Crows and
Kutenals, with whom they carried on ceaseless
warfare up to the coming of the white man.

This dramatic period, the period leading out of
the old tribal conflicts Into that marking the com-
ing of the new white race, constitutes what is
perhaps the most colourful period in the history
of the North American Indian. And It is of the
experiences of this period that I write3 the experi-
ences of our old warriors who are still living, but
who cannot tell their own stories because they do
not speak the white man's tongue,

I want to point out two things more: The Royal
North-West Mounted Police are the best friends,
brothers and protectors that the Indians of the
North-West ever had; and the conflict that I
mention herein Is one of the only two fights they
ever had with our peopleóboth of them were
against individual Indians* And the Crow In-